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TweetShow Gets the BBC Click of Approval

Little Ego on BBC News 24

If you’ve got to grips with the wonders of #hashtags on Twitter, you’ll understand the popular social networking site is full of them; whether it be world event related or just a random hashtag that’s started trending, everyone has come to love a good ol’ hashtag.

Providing viewers with the latest user-friendly apps, gadgets and technology news, BBC Click featured our very own web app, TweetShow, in all its glory shortly after its launch. After Kate Russell tried it out for herself and gave it the BBC click of approval, many took to the web to try it out for themselves.

With recent updates to tie in with Twitter’s new permission scheme, using TweetShow is as easy as 1, 2, 3, (no Jackson 5 pun intended). Simply add any hashtag you fancy and click the start show button – that’s it! Within seconds, tweets containing your chosen hashtag will become part of a full screen spectacle.

Show me the #hashtag!

Since launching back in 2012, businesses have been sitting back and enjoying their own shows worldwide. Not only is TweetShow perfect for company events, launch parties and award ceremonies, we even have others using it for non-business related occasions such as sporting events, birthday parties and weddings. From #TechnoParty to #Seinfeld, users have enjoyed our shows with all kinds of hashtags…some of which have particularly amused us! #boobs – naughty!  😯

If you’re organising a special event or occasion, TweetShow is the perfect social accessory to encourage some interaction. Plus, for all those organising on a budget, TweetShow is completely free to use… so have a bit of fun with it and create your own personalised TweetShow today!

TweetShow Gets the BBC Click of Approval