Identity not only sets a brand apart from its competitors, it's responsible for projecting a company's core beliefs and objectives on to its customers, employees and shareholders.

We get to really understand our clients and their outlook before working hard to forge new identities. We've also had real success in refreshing identities in light of new company ideals and how they reflect in the modern world.

Brand Management

So you've got a funky, memorable logo that ticks all the boxes. Does it look the part on both white and black backgrounds? Do your social websites present it consistently? What about on a business card or on the side of a van?

Brands need to exercise both flair and restraint when publishing their identity across different media - we create detailed brand guides for employees to follow in any given context: strict colour palettes, icon ratios, logo spacing ...we cover the lot.


Website Design & Development

In fear of teaching grandmother to suck eggs, we won't harp on about the critical importance of a company website; instead, we'll just tell you that we're good at making them, seriously good.

Website design continues to evolve and we stand our ground amongst the latest trends.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

From complex reporting tools to employee rewards schemes and competitions, we've built, comprehensively tested, and deployed large-scale business applications for the web.


Whether you're selling physical goods or digital downloads, check out some of our e-commerce system features:

  • Secure and compliant
  • Multiple payment gateways: credit cards, paypal, google, etc.
  • Comprehensive shopping cart
  • Customisable international shipping rules
  • Unlimited catalogues of product variations
  • Multiple currencies
  • Stock tracking and order management alerts




Native Apps

We revel in design and development of native apps - there's something truly magical about converting a client's idea into an app for the whole world to download via iTunes or the Android Market.

We use cross-platform engines when developing native apps so our customers can simultaneously launch their products on Apple and Android devices without it costing the earth.

We've got experience in developing various genres of app: from small in-house utilities to puzzle games with in-app purchases.

Mobile Web Apps

When a fully-fledged native app can seem a little overkill, we develop mobile web apps that mimic the immersion of a native app at a fraction of the cost. Our customers are often surprised when we show them how the advancements in HTML5 and other web technologies enable mobile web apps to leverage cameras, GPS and other advanced mobile features.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

If a million visitors hit your site a day, you're doing great, right? Not necessarily. It all depends on the type of visitor - will they actually be interested in your company or product? Here at Little Ego, we don't just present you with meaningless numbers of how many people visit your site; we focus on your goal conversions: how many visitors have asked for a quote? How many have made a purchase? This approach to SEO drives ROI, if you're not making money or driving some other company requirement such as awareness, then why bother?


Social Media Services

We provide and manage social media campaigns for companies big and small. Our Digital Media Coordinators are a friendly bunch who know all the tricks to engage the right audiences and harvest those precious likes.


Newsletter Systems

Our newsletter systems provide our clients with a comprehensive marketing tool for publishing custom email templates to mass subscriber lists. No more relying on 3rd party email packages when you can fire those newsletters from your own domain!