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That's What They Said - Our new iOS app

That’s what she said…the classic phrase first popularised by Canadian comedian Mike Myers (I met him!) in the 1992 blockbuster comedy Wayne’s World then later used by Michael Scott played by Steve Carrell in the American version of The Office.

We’d like to think a lot of people have heard the phrase but if you haven’t let me explain, it’s going to be quite hard….”That’s what she said!”

I’ll assume you’ve got it now? So here story begins….

Our young and energetic developer, John, likes to say this phrase at least 10 times a day which gave me the idea to do an app ‘That’s what they said’. It’s a simple concept were you have to choose whether a man or a woman said a particular famous, inspirational phrase or movie quote.You have 10 seconds to make your decision or sadly its ‘Game Over’.

Now I know that sounds a little bit boring and it isn’t quite flappy birds but let me go on. We all have friends and family members that like to share quotes on Facebook and Twitter, so I thought, if they’re going to do that, why can’t they educate themselves and crack a smile on the way and make that bus or train journey go a little bit more quickly? 


There are over 300 famous quotes to guess and another 300 in the movie quotes which has been included as an in-app purchase (we all need to make $100 every 6 months don’t we!) The whole app is generally just a bit a fun and gives our new developer John more experience in the land of Xamarin. It’s also taken his “That’s what she saids” down to around 1 a day, so it was worth it just for that  😉 

If you would like to have a go yourself the app is available for download on iTunes here

Download on the App Store

Our highest score is currently 21 so give us a shout if you can beat it!

Happy quoting!

Get your Quote game on!