Mister Miyagi Liverpool


Miyagi Restaurant Liverpool

We were excited when our friends at Lucha Libre asked us to do the branding and design for their new Restaurant ‘Miyagi’ on Bold street. Miyagi is a Japanese inspired restaurant and bar that serves soul food to a soul soundtrack and wanted the design of the menus to follow that vibe.

Utilising the abstract graffiti style that the interior designers used we took that into account and incorporated it into the style and design of the menus and other marketing materials.

We then had the challenge of creating a more manga cartoon style logo for the more minimal ‘Kyo’ upstairs. There is a lot of neon and colour floating around so we kept the colours and the styling to a bare minimum whilst achieving the style that both the client and ourselves wanted to achieve.

We recommend popping in for a visit and tasting the delights of ‘Mr M’s Bento box!

You can visit there temporary website at Miyagi Liverpool