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Convert Websites in to Desktop Apps

Website to Desktop App?

Well, not technically true… Fluid is a free Mac tool that creates an application icon to launch an independent web container for each of your favourite sites.

For example our team makes heavy use of Trello, an online service to help organise and facilitate collaboration on project tasks. Since Trello is viewed in a web browser, constantly finding the right browser tab can become mind-numbing after a while. Enter Fluid – it takes less than 30 seconds to wrap Trello in to a Fluid app, promoting it to a first-class app citizen that can be then found and dismissed with a ninja-swift ⌘⇥

Online music streaming services such as Grooveshark are also great candidates for converting in to little app imposters. Spare yourself the annoyance of accidentally killing your smooth playlist by quitting the browser!

Convert Websites in to Desktop Apps