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Centric Product Announcement

What’s Centric?

Centric, one of our latest products in development, is a no-nonsense online visibility platform enabling businesses to quickly assess the performance of their website, SEO and social media activities.

In today’s online culture it’s often difficult and time-consuming to quantify a business’ performance across a plethora of marketing streams: Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, E-Marketing, PPC, SEO, the list goes on and on. Centric aggregates data from all popular platforms and represents insights and metrics in layman terms that makes sense to a company’s domain. Data all of a sudden becomes much more palatable when you’re answering questions like “How many Pepperoni Pizza Slices were sold last month?” as oppose to “How many conversion units were transacted last month?”

Who’s it for?

Anyone with a web site or social profile.  Seriously.  Let’s follow a line of semi-rhetorical questioning: How many companies have a website? Lots. How many companies have analytics installed? Most. How many people understand or have the time to study their analytics in relation to their business model and competitor strategies? Few. Centric aims to reverse this funnel by empowering site owners to visualise their efforts and take action at the speed of a thousand gazelles.

We also plan an advanced version which will expose an underbelly of control for web and analytics specialists. Experts will benefit from access to aggregate data with options for white-labelled reporting.



How do we do it?

We’ve secured relationships with big-data suppliers and have integrated APIs across all of the popular analytics and social media platforms.  Another key ingredient is our domain-level intelligence layer that allows us to map real-world terminology on to a company’s conversion list.

What’s next?

We’ve already rolled out certain features to existing SEO and social media clients but the road ahead is what’s really getting our engines gunning: a desktop and slick mobile version of Centric are well underway – we can’t wait.

Centric Product Announcement