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Get your Quote game on!

That’s what she said…the classic phrase first popularised by Canadian comedian Mike Myers (I met him!) in the 1992 blockbuster comedy Wayne’s World then later used by Michael Scott played by Steve Carrell in the American version of The Office. We’d like to think a lot of people have heard the phrase but if you haven’t let me explain, […]

Font Icon Aliases in Sass

The advent of font icons was well received by the web community, who quickly sprinkled the scalable symbols masquerading as web fonts, across the web. Since web fonts are commonplace, sites making prolific use struggle to gain their own identity. That said, we still find them useful in web applications, where icons for creating, saving, deleting and such can be handled with […]

Xamarin MVC and Reusable Views

Xamarin MVC and Reusable Views

We’ve been powering our way through some quality native applications lately using the Xamarin cross-platform development software and we thought we’d start sharing some knowledge nuggets outside of the excellent documentation and tips that are already out there.

Laravel Asset Pipeline with Twig

Ask any PHP dev about their asset pipeline and you’ll get all sorts of responses: Gulp. Grunt, Rails Gems, Assetic, no pipeline (naughty! 👿 ), or any mix of custom code that’s about as susceptible to code rot as a  newborn zombie.

Unity PolyMesh 2D

Unity’s a great game framework with a rich community full of generous folk who share some of their tools in the form of Unity assets/plugins. One such contributor over at share some excellent goodies to facilitate 2D game dev.