Unity PolyMesh 2D

Unity’s a great game framework with a rich community full of generous folk who share some of their tools in the form of Unity assets/plugins. One such contributor over at unitypatterns.com share some excellent goodies to facilitate 2D game dev.

Centric Product Announcement

Centric, one of our latest products in development, is a no-nonsense online visibility platform enabling businesses to quickly assess the performance of their website, SEO and social media activities.

A Day at Glacial Art

Pitted head-to-head with separate techniques at hand, Mat and I managed to knock out – albeit with some masterful aid – decent attempts at our Little Ego ice logo.

TweetShow Gets the BBC Click of Approval

Little Ego on BBC News 24 If you’ve got to grips with the wonders of #hashtags on Twitter, you’ll understand the popular social networking site is full of them; whether it be world event related or just a random hashtag that’s started trending, everyone has come to love a good ol’ hashtag. Providing viewers with […]